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Pioneers in the industry, we offer non woven interfacing from India.




Non Woven Interfacing

Approx. Price: Rs 75 / Meter

Width1500 mm
Country of OriginMade in India

Interfacing is a cloth that is used to make certain parts of a garment more stable. Interfacing can also be referred to as stabilizer. There are certain areas of garments that do better, last longer and are stronger when they are stabilized. Waistbands are a good place to start. Waistbands and/or waistline treatments like a facing, are stabilized to combat the natural give in a fabric and support the waist so your skirt or pants stay in place. Wherever there are buttons, there’s sure to be stabilizer to keep buttons from ripping off and buttonholes from tearing off the garment and damaging the fabric. Think about a button-up shirt. There’s stabilizer/interfacing in collar to give it shape and to keep it from flopping about. Also in the cuffs for the same reason. Jackets and coats are full of interfacing. These types of garments benefit from lots of stabilizer so they retain their shape and don’t distort over wear and tear. We have two types : Fusible Non-Fusible

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Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


Plastic, Stainless Steel, Wood