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In finest suiting, undercollars are made of two parts: linen and felt. The linen and felt foundation is sewn together “on the bias” which allows the undercollar to be shaped and molded to smoothly and snugly around the neck. The two materials are cut on the bias to allow for stretching and shrinking, as necessary



Process opportunities with needle punch basis weight range: 60 – 500 g/m² width upon request: max. 3 m Capacity: 600 tons/year
High-Performance Fibers: M-Aramid, Aramid Homo-Polymer Acrylic Co-polymer Acrylic Ptfe, Preox Ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene
Thermoplastic Fibers:- Pet, Bico, Polypropylene Oxo-biodegradable, Fr Pet Regenerates Fibers: Viscose Viscose FR
After treatment option Calendaring Padding & Oven Lamination-With Nonwoven/Fabric, With release paper, Membrane, Aluminized Film
Final Converting Short rolls converting-25 running meters Individual width assembly-40 mm-3200 mm Different Shapes: CNC cutter, Hydraulic Press
Printed under collar felt